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Our Story

Founded in 2007, 365 Productions is based in Vancouver, B.C. with offices spanning across North America and Australia. We match our worldwide experience with a unique blend of artistic vision and military precision to produce compelling events across the globe. By using the right tools, with the right team and a detailed plan, we deliver world-class experiences for our clients and their guests. From small, intimate events to large-scale productions, we create experiences that excite audiences and drive results.

Our Process



The planning phase of every project is critical to its success. We want to engage early with our clients, help identify creative opportunities, mitigate technical or operational risk, and maximize the project budget. The sooner we connect, the greater the collaborative outcomes.


  • Limitless We exclusively use state of the art indoor / outdoor rated modular LED wall systems for applications from a single column to a stadium sized screen. With the ability to be curved and arranged in infinite configurations, there is no limit to the visual impact of our video systems.
  • Powerful When using our vast inventory of intelligent LED lighting systems and state of the art lighting desks, lighting projects come to life quickly, creating large, impactful illuminated landscapes, while having lower electrical impact over traditional fixtures. Computer based lighting systems offer the ultimate in flexibility and control and they also allow us to take our initial computer design ideas directly to the venue.
  • Clarity Audio Design is a critical aspect of the production. When we evaluate a room, we don’t just see an empty space, we factor in the audience, type of message, and the atmosphere to be created. We proudly feature award winning PK Sound audio systems to amplify the experience, from a small meeting space to a full festival stage.


  • Concept to Reality We pride ourselves on unique new designs and innovative new structures. A drawing is one thing, but bringing a vision to reality is what sets us apart from the competition. Creating a setting on the latest CAD software is only the first step in bringing a show or event to reality. By working with a worldwide network of designers and engineers, we bring concept to reality safely while effectively delivering on the original vision.
  • Safety Hand in hand with an events success, the safety of the attendees is paramount and the adherence to the local bylaws and regulations is strictly enforced. Working with local officials is not only important for the safety of an event but for the smooth implementation of setup, show and dismantle.
  • Stunning Working with internal and external graphic design teams, these solid foundations can be wrapped to create veritable works of art. Combined with stunning technical elements, it is this attention detail is what will differentiate your event from every other.


  • Deployment A leadership with military precision, we strategically implement our teams to manage multiple projects concurrently.
  • Augment We execute with our collection of channel partners across all markets to augment fulfillment strategies. 365 Productions has key personnel in multiple markets worldwide ready to deliver the consistency and quality they have come to expect, wherever their event finds them.
  • Transparent Our finance team will develop a simple payment schedule for your event, and provide detailed electronic invoicing throughout the process. We apply this fiscal discipline to both our clients and our vendors, so that we have one less concern; putting our focus where it needs to be – executing your world class event

Experience The Impact


You’re ready for your guests to be amazed. The planning has paid off. The teamwork has made the process transparent and memorable. Technically, structurally, and operationally, you are ready. Now it’s time to share it.


Recent Projects

Stunning events recently produced

The World is Our Canvas Engaging with our clients across the globe

Vancouver (Head Office)

103 - 2544 Douglas Road
Burnaby, BC V5C 5W7Canada +1 604 628 4346


101 - 460 Richmond St
Toronto ON M5V 1Y1Canada +1 416 436 7411


703 - 1290 Old Innes Road
Ottawa ON K1B 5M7Canada+1 613 656 0607

Los Angeles

4th Floor
Hollywood, CA 90028


1/60 Industrial Drive
Braeside VIC 3195Australia+61 401 992 213



Produced Events


  • Vancouver (Head Office)

    103 - 2544 Douglas Road
    Burnaby, BC V5C 5W7Canada+1 604 628 4346

  • Toronto

    101 - 460 Richmond St
    Toronto ON M5V 1Y1Canada +1 416 436 7411

  • Ottawa

    703 - 1290 Old Innes Road
    Ottawa ON K1B 5M7Canada +1 613 656 0607

  • Los Angeles

    7080 Hollywood Blvd 4th Floor Hollywood, CA 90028

  • Melbourne

    1/60 Industrial Drive
    Braeside VIC1307 Australia +61 401 992 213

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